Janos Melis (MSEE) has been involved in research and development of HID electronic ballasts for over 17 years. He is the founder and president of
Ballastronic, Inc. a Research and Development company in electronic ballast technologies. He has written several papers, studies and patents in electronic ballast subject.

Publications, studies, and conference records

Ballast Curves for HPS Lamps Operating on High Frequency, IES' 92.
Master-slave Half-bridge Inverter, APEC' 93.
A Power Controlled Current Source, Circuit and Analysis, APEC' 94.
An Output Unit for Low Frequency Square Wave Electronic Ballasts, SOUTHEASTCON' 94.
Energy Saving Factor and Compensation Time Formula, A modified short version can be read
Classification of Electronic Ballasts for HPS lamps. 1998, published first time as a part of the "
HID Ballast Overview".
Design Considerations for HID Ballasts, 1998, published first as "
Design Considerations".
Ballast Curves and Power Control, Interactive design aid for electrical engineers, (
Software version) 2002.
Transformer and Inductor Design for High Frequency Switchmode Power Converters, Not published.
SPR Diagrams for Low Frequency Square Wave Electronic Ballasts: Effect of Frequency Modulation, Study, 2006.
SPR Diagrams for Low Frequency Square Wave Electronic Ballasts: Effect of the Vertical Resolution, Study, 2006.
SPR Measurement Methods For Low Frequency Square Wave Electronic ballasts, Study, 2006.
Local Spectrum Analysis, Study, 2007.
Electronic Ballasts for HPS Lamps: Theory and Design, Dissertation work in progress.

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